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At WP Cocktail, we understand the challenges businesses face in navigating GDPR compliance while maintaining effective retargeting campaigns through platforms like Google Ads. With the recent mandate by Google to integrate Consent Mode V2 by March 2024, the stakes have never been higher for ensuring compliance and optimizing ad performance.

Our solution encompasses a comprehensive approach to seamlessly integrate Google Consent Mode, along with a cookie consent management platform (CMP) of your choice, onto your website. With our expertise in WordPress development and Google Tag Manager (GTM), we streamline the configuration process, eliminating the complexities that often accompany such integrations.

Here’s what our service includes:

Tailored CMP Integration: We work with you to select and integrate a cookie consent management platform that aligns with your website’s design and functionality requirements. Whether you prefer a pre-built solution or a custom implementation, we ensure seamless integration with GTM and your website.

Customized Tag Configuration: Our team configures your tracking tags within GTM to adjust their behavior based on the user’s consent status. This ensures compliance with GDPR regulations while maintaining the effectiveness of your retargeting campaigns.

Google Consent Mode Integration: We seamlessly integrate Google Consent Mode into your Google tags, enabling the recovery of up to 70% of ad-click-to-conversion journeys lost due to user cookie consent choices. This ensures that your Google Ads campaigns remain effective and efficient, even in the face of privacy regulations.

Expert Guidance and Support: Throughout the integration process and beyond, our team provides expert guidance and support to ensure a smooth transition and ongoing compliance. We’re here to answer any questions you may have and address any issues that arise along the way.

By partnering with WP Cocktail for your Google Consent Mode integration needs, you can:

Achieve GDPR compliance without sacrificing the effectiveness of your retargeting campaigns.
Enhance user experience by providing transparent consent options and respecting user privacy rights.
Maximize the performance of your Google Ads campaigns by recovering lost conversion journeys and optimizing ad spend.

Ready to enhance your GDPR compliance and retargeting efficiency with WP Cocktail? Contact us today for a personalized quote tailored to your specific needs. Let’s raise a toast to compliance and efficiency with WP Cocktail by your side.

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