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Review Reminder for WooCommerce

Review Reminder for WooCommerce Description:

This plugin automatically sends out email reminders to customers to review their purchases. It integrates with WooCommerce and provides customizable settings about when and how reminders are sent.


Order Status Trigger: sends reminders when the order status changes to a specified value.
Bulk Send Option: Ability to send reminders in bulk for orders that match a selected status.
Email Exclusion: option to exclude certain email addresses from receiving reminders.
Product Exclusion: Ability to exclude specific products from comment alerts.
Category Exclusions: Exclude certain categories of products from review alerts.
Exclude Non-Coupon Products: Option to exclude products that were not purchased with a coupon.
Scheduled Time: Set a delay (e.g. 30 days) for sending reminders after an order status change.
Customize “From” Address: Set options to customize the “From” email address.
Email Template Customization: Integrate with the WooCommerce Email Template Customizer to personalize email templates.
Default Email Content: Uses the default email template if no customization is selected.
Dynamic Email Content: Use placeholders such as {customer_name}, {order_id}, etc. in the email content.
Audit Button Customization: Customize the text and color of the “Audit Now” button.
Product Image Settings: Set the width of the product image in the email.
Auto-Login Settings: Disable the option of automatic login for users with certain roles.
Review Page Redirection: Select the page used to submit reviews and fall back to a single product page.
My Account Integration: View button to display the status of the selected order in My Account/Orders.
Technical Components:
Admin Settings Page: Settings page in the WordPress admin for configuring plugins.
Email Sending Functionality: Code that handles email sending based on specified conditions.
WooCommerce Integration: Hooks and filters for integration with WooCommerce order processing.
Template Customizer Integration: Compatibility with the WooCommerce email template customizer.
Database Interaction: Storing and retrieving plugin settings and handling custom data.
Shortcode support: for comment submission forms on selected comment pages.
Front-end scripting and styling: for “View Now” buttons and email template styling.
Localization and internationalization: to make the plugin translatable.

Installation and Usage:

Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or install the plugin via the WordPress plugin screen.
Activate the plugin through the Plugins screen in WordPress.
Use the plugin’s settings page to configure the plugin.

Support and Updates:

Updated regularly to be compatible with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce versions.

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